Residents associations Leaders in our sector.

Summer/Winter specialized maintenance

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We are specialists in maximizing the use of time for gardening tasks, cleaning and swimming
pool maintenance in a residents´ association planning the tasks in advance and being aware
of the different needs of winter and summer occupancy.

Pest control

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We are aware of common infestations in the area (woodlice, plant lice, flies, etc) taking not
only immediate care but also preventive measures in order to eradicate the pest infestation.

Watering systems

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We install and maintain all type of watering systems while being aware of the importance of
keeping down costs such as labour and expenses for residents´ associations.

Swimming pool maintenance

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We provide swimming pool maintenance keeping them in perfect condition in every season of
the year, controlling chemicals, cleaning walls, floors, filters, and vacuuming.

Minor maintenance repairs

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A broken switch, a tile to be replaced, paint to be retouched, a lock to be replaced, wood treatments, etc.

Garage cleaning

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We clean garages with industrial sweeping machines. We offer a free annual garage cleaning
service to our contract costumers.

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